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Temporary disability pension

Temporary disability pension provides financial security to maintain your standard of living if you cannot work for a period of time. Applies to members of P+ and P+, former DIP.

You can be granted temporary disability pension from P+ if you have not reached age 65, and we assess that your ability to work within your field is temporarily reduced to 50 percent or less. If your ability to work is reduced, it is important that you contact us unless we do not know that you may be entitled to disability pension benefits. 

You can se the size of your insurance on Min pension. Here you can also change the cover which can amount to up to 80 percent of your salary.

The disability pension benefits are paid monthly, and other income may be set off against the payment. The rules on setting off are determined by the Board and appear from the Insurance terms which you can find here

If you receive disability pension benefits, P+ continues payment to your pension savings. 

You can receive temporary disability pension benefits no earlier than 6 months after your ability to work has been reduced and your normal earned income has been reduced. You can receive temporary disability pension benefits for a maximum of 36 months for the same sufferings and sufferings originating from the same course.

Payment of disability pension benefits is discontinued if you regain the ability to work and at the latest when you reach age 68 where you start having your retirement pension benefits paid.