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Critical illness

Receive a tax-free lump sum in the event of a critical illness.

If you a diagnosed with malignant cancer, a coronary heart disease or one of the other critical illnesses appearing from the insurance terms applying to this insurance, you can have a tax-free lump sum of DKK 150,000 paid if you are under age 60. From age 60-68 the lump sum amounts to DKK 133,000. 

You can find the insurance terms here

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness it is important that you contact Forenede Gruppeliv that handles your application and pays the insurance.

The insurance is discontinued when you start having your retirement pension benefits paid.

You can apply for payment via Forenede Gruppeliv here

Supplemental insurance is an offer for bying additional insurance in the event of critical illness when you are subject to the ordinary insurance. The supplemental insurance is discontined at the same time as the ordinary insurance in the event of certain critial illnesses. The supplemental cover in the event of certain critical illnesses can be opted for in different modules. You can buy the insurance here


Payment for the supplemental insurance is charged directly by Forenede Gruppeliv quarterly. 


Cover and price Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4
Additional cover in the event of critical illness + DKK 150,000 + DKK 200,000 + DKK 250,000 + DKK 300,000
Quarterly price 2022 DKK 370 DKK 495 DKK 615 DKK 740


In order to buy the insurance, Forenede Gruppeliv requires that you submit satisfactory health information.