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Accident insurance

Receive a lump sum if you have an accident which results in permanent injury.

If you have an accident which results in permanent injury or dental injury, you may be entitled to payment of a lump sum. The size of the payment depends on the degree of injury and the extent of the damage to teeth.  

The brochure Group insurance specifies the payment terms. 

You can find the forms which you must complete to apply for payment from the accident insurance and/or dental injury insurance here

You must report your accident as soon as possible with reference to policy no. 646 753 545 3.

If you have questions, you can contact Codan on:

Codan Forsikring Skade Ulykke
Gl. Kongevej 60, 1790 København V
Phone no. 33 55 38 30, email: ulykkeskade@codan.dk

The insurance is discontinued when you start having your retirement pension benefits paid and when you reach age 68 at the latest.