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Responsible investments in practice

Learn about how we consider responsibility when we invest.

International and national guidelines define the principles for the pension fund's work with responsibility in practice, and accordingly how we consider responsibility when investing.

  1. P+ considers the investment managers and their expected investments.
  2. P+’s investment committee discusses new prospective investments.
  3. Investment managers consider companies and countries and make the investment.
  4. P+ is responsible for monitoring – investment committee – voting – dialogue – exclusion list

Before investing
Before the pension fund invests, we consider prospective investments in relation to responsibility, and when the pension fund selects investment managers to invest on behalf of the pension fund, their work with responsibility is included in the evaluation and the final investment decision.

Investment managers must consider how companies identify, prevent and handle actual and potential negative impact on e.g. human rights, employees’ rights, climate, environment, tax and anti-corruption.

After investing
The pension fund exercises active ownership in relation to its investments. Active ownership includes monitoring of companies, dialogue with selected companies, cooperation with other investors and as far as possible voting on companies’ general meetings. The consultancy firm EOS and investment managers are responsible for the dialogue with companies on behalf of the pension fund. 

The purpose of active ownership is to encourage the companies to comply with the pension fund’s policy for responsible investments, reduce risks as well as promote the companies’ long-term value creation.

Business relationships and networks
The pension fund is part of below-mentioned networks and organisations through which we work for responsible investments in different ways. 

PRI is the world's largest network bringing focus to responsible investments. As a member of PRI, we commit ourself to incorporate responsibility in our investments. 

Dansif is a network forum for professional investors, consultancy firms and others who are involved in responsible investments in Denmark. In Dansif the members exchange experiences with responsible investments, and Dansif holds arrangements about topics within responsible investments. 

CDP is an international initiative working for creating transparency about companies' and other players' emission of carbon dioxide. 

IIGCC (Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change) is an European network organisation for institutional investors. The purpose of IIGCC's work is to create good investment-related framework conditions for handling risks and opportunities occuring from climate changes. 

Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance is an UN supported organisation which was founded in 2019 by a group of investors who committed themselves to obtain net-zero emissions by 2050. Because of our membership we have committed ourselves to present action plans and intermediate aims every five years. We will report on this.