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P+ Sustainable has been introduced

P+ introduces as the first labour market pension fund the extra sustainable investment profile, P+ Sustainable (P+ Bæredygtig). From summer 2022 members of P+ are contacted through e-Boks with an offer to opt for the new investment product.

As the first labour market pension fund P+ introduces an extra sustainable savings product called P+ Sustainable. If you are subject to P+ Life cycle, you can now opt for P+ Sustainable.

Members of P+ are from now on offered a savings product with extra high focus on sustainability. P+ Sustainable is for members who want their pension savings invested with an ever higher level of sustainability than is the case today.

‘P+ Sustainable is an offer to those members who wants to bring even more focus on responsibility and sustainability in the savings. In P+ the savings are already invested according to a high level of sustainability, and our policy for responsible investments applies across our portfolio. As a pension fund we continuously work to increase our members’ freedom of choice, and I am pleased that we, with the introduction of P+ Sustainable, have the possibility of meeting the demands of those of our member who prioritise sustainability to an even higher level’ says CEO Søren Kolbye Sørensen.

Carbon neutral pension already in 2030
In November we announced 3 ambitious climate targets that support P+’s long-term goal about climate neutrality in 2050. For the savings product P+ Sustainable the ambitions have been raised even more which among other things means that the members can expect a carbon neutral pension already in 2030.

‘Those members who want to bring even more focus on the green transition must be able to see themselves in P+ Sustainable. Besides the objective of a carbon neutral investment portfolio already in 2030, we expect that more than half of the portfolio consists of climate friendly investments the same year, just as we have deselected a number of companies and sectors. And when it comes to P+ Sustainable, we will act more impatiently when it comes to active ownership and exclusions’ explains Søren Kolbye Sørensen.

The portfolio is continuously developed
The stricter sustainability demands result in a more narrow investment universe in P+ Sustainable compared to the other savings products. This means that the share of equities, which is a part of this investment universe, is cut from approx. 2,500 to 500. 

The illiquid part of the portfolio, i.e. investments in unlisted equities, infrastructure, real estate and forest, will in the beginning be identical in both products.

Read more about P+ Sustainable here

Part of P+ Life cycle
P+ Sustainable is a part of our new P+ Life cycle universe. This means that you get a market rate product where interest is added to your savings in accordance with the return that P+ achieves from the investments that your savings are placed in. At the same time, P+ ensures that your overall risk is adjusted according to your retirement age. In general, P+ places your savings in investments which can give you a high long-term return the first years of your savings period, and as you approach the retirement age, P+ turns down your risk. Read more about P+ Life cycle here

Check your e-Boks
The members who are already subject to P+ Life cycle as well as new members can now opt for P+ Sustainable. We expect that the first members subject to an average rate product are contacted about the possibility of opting for P+ Sustainable from late summer 2022. You will receive a letter in your e-Boks.