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Retirement pension

Financial security for as long as you live, no matter how old you live to be.

In general, all your savings are put in a lifelong retirment pension scheme. If you want a part of your contribution to be put in an annuity certain scheme or retirement insurance scheme, you must contact us

The retirement pension is paid monthly for the rest of your life. You can start payment of retirement pension benefits when you have reached the retirement age under existing laws. However, it may be required that you have left the position which entitled you to membership of P+. You must start payment of retirement benefits when you have reached age 80 at the latest. 

When you start payment of your pension benefits, an 'equalisation mechanism' takes effect. This implies that the actual return is spread over a given time period to reduce fluctuations in your regular pension benefits. 

The development of you savings depends on how much you pay, the return on investments and the chosen investment profile. On Min pension you can see the total of your savings and a retirement pension forecast. 

If you want to increase your savings, you can increase your pension contribution through your employer or make a single contribution. 

Two months before you want to start payment of your pension benefits, you must contact us for further agreement about payment. 

Your retirement pension is linked with a pension life cover which you can opt out of if you are not subject to a public collective agreement.


You may choose to link a pension guarantee to your retirement pension. This provides your next of kin with a regular payment if you die after having started payment of your retirement pension benefits, or after you have reached age 68 and before reaching age 90. Your next of kin receives the payment monthly until you would have reached age 90. The pension guarantee can account for a maximum of 100 percent of the paid retirement pension and has different levels. You can read more about the pension guarantee and options on Min pension


You must opt for the pension guarantee before reaching age 68 and when you start having your retirement pension benefits paid at the latest. You can at any time opt out of or reduce the pension guarantee, but you cannot opt for or increase it after having started payment of retirement pension benefits, or after having reached age 68. 


The pension guarantee is paid to your next of kin, and normally to your spouse or cohabitant. If you do not have a spouse or cohabitant, the pension guarantee is paid to your next of kin. You can read more here