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Annuity certain

An annuity certain provides you with a payment of pension benefits for a period of time after having retired. The annuity certain is a good supplement to the lifelong retirement pension increasing your pension benefits at the beginning of your retirement.

You can choose that a part of your savings is put in an annuity certain scheme. You can have the annuity certain paid when you have reached the retirement age under existing law. 

The annuity certain is paid monthly and normally for 10 years unless you choose a longer payment period. You must start payment when you have reached age 80 at the latest. 

If you die before your all your savings for the annuity certain is paid, the remaining savings are paid to your next of kin. 

You can see your savings and an annuity certain forecast on Min pension

The development of your savings depends on how much you pay, the return on investments and the chosen risk profile.

If you want to change the payment to the annuity certain, you must contact us

If you want to increase your savings, you can increase your pension contribution paid through your employer or pay a single contribution with the payment slip on Min pension. Read more about the rules on payments here

Two months before you want to start payment of your pension benefits, you must contact us for further agreement about payment. 

When you start payment of your pension benefits, an 'equalisation mechanism' takes effect. This implies that the actual return is spread over a given time period to reduce fluctuations in your regular pension benefits.