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Health insurance

Treatment time guarantee if you become ill or have an accident.

The health insurance is an offer for you as a member of the pension fund. You can take out a health insurance with Gjensidige which provides quick examination or treatment if you become ill or have an injury.

The insurance covers examination and treatment of injuries, illnesses and sufferings with a medical specialist or professional practitioner – for yourself from age 18 and until you reach age 59 and for your children under age 24.

Claim forms are always handled within 1-2 workdays which provides you with a quick overview of your possibilities.

If you have questions to the health insurance, please contact Gjensidige Sundhed on 7010 9009.

You can read more about the health insurance and find the insurance terms here

If you become ill or get injured, help is near. You can file a claim on Gjensidige's self-service platform under Min side. Read more here


You can also call Gjensidige on 7010 9009 if you need help completing the claim. After the conversation you must log on to Min side to give your consent and possibly upload your referral. 


Gjensidige will get back to you after 1-2 days after you have filed the claim. Gjensidige will send you a mail when they have your reply which you find on Min side.


If you need immediate psychological crisis counselling (e.g. serious accidents, death or if you have a life-threatening illness), you must call 7010 9009. If you hear Gjensidiges voicemail, you must press the number for menu selection whereafter you will be put through to someone who can help you.

Before you contact Gjensidige
Before you contact Gjensidige, you must in certain cases obtain a referral regarding your need for treatment. The referral is obtained with your GP.

If you have questions
If you have questions about cover, claim form or the like, please contact Gjensidige on 7010 9009.

Members aged 18-59
If you are a member of the pension fund and aged 18-59, you can take out a health insurance with Gjensidige which costs DKK 3,578.50 in 2022. The price includes a statutory non-life insurance charge of 1.1 percent of the insurance price and a Guarantee Fund contribution of DKK 40.


A health insurance taken out before you reach age 60, is terminated when you reach age 70. Hereafter, you can continue the insurance as a private health insurance/health package. The price depends on your age and the package you choose. You can read more here


Members over age 60 without a health insurance
If you have reached age 60, and you have not had a health insurance with Gjensidige through P+ before, you can buy a private health insurance where you choose the package that meets your requirements. Read more above. 


You a welcome to call Gjensidige on 7010 9009 if you have questions. 

You sign up the health insurance here

When you have a health insurance with Gjensidige, you can with advantage take out a health insurance for your spouse/cohabitant. You can do it here


When you as a member has followed the link, you must log on with NemID. Your spouse/cohabitant must subsequently sign with his/her own NemID.


Hereafter, you can easily sign up your spouse/cohabitant under Opret min familie. Here you can also see the price. 


It applies to a spouse/cohabitant that examination and treatment of illness and injuries that have occured before signing up is not covered until after 6 months of insurance (provision period). If your family has had a health insurance with another company, the earned seniority can be transferred and set off against the provision period if the two insurances replace each other without a pause.