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Sustainability-related diclosures

P+ considers adverse impact on sustainability as well as sustainability risks and contributes to promoting environmental and social characteristics.

It is P+'s objective to generate the highest possible return for our members and at the same time be a responsible investor. The pension fund's work with responsible investments levels with the pension fund's policy for responsible investments and policy for active ownership which outline that P+ must:

1) consider adverse impact on sustainability factors meaning adverse impact from the pension fund's investments on environmental, social and governance matters. 

2) consider sustainability risk meaning financial risks related to environmental, social and corporate governance matters which can have substantial adverse impact on the value of the pension fund's investments. 

Based on EU requirements about sustainability-related disclosure for the financial sector, you can in below documents read about P+'s work with sustainability risks and adverse sustainability impact, as well as how P+'s investments contribute to promoting environmental and social characteristics.

Sustainability risks are an integrated part of P+'s investment decision-making process. The overall framework for the work is described in the policy for responsible investments which you can find here

P+ considers adverse sustainability impact in the assessment of the investments. The pension fund prioritises the work with adverse sustainability impact by comparing where there is a potential significant impact on environment and people and the likelihood of it occuring. You can read more about P+'s approach here

For the savings products P+ Livscyklus, P+ Sustainable, P+ Balance, P+ Aktiemax, P+ Obligationsmax, P+ Vælger and P+ Grundlag the sustainability risks are assessed across the investments, and the work is integrated in processes, risk management and investment decisions in line with other types of risks. The 6 products P+ Livscyklus, P+ Sustainable, P+ Balance, P+ Aktiemax, P+ Obligationsmax og P+ Vælger promote environmental and social characteristics, and they can be categorised as so-called Article 8 products. You can read more about P+'s approach here

The disclosure on P+'s integration of sustainability risks prioritise principal adverse sustainability impacts and promotes environmental and social characteristics which describe the pension fund's approach to being a responsible investor in a wide sense. If you want to read more about P+ as an active investor and the results of it, you can read more in below documents:

Read policy for active ownership here


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